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Jelli Bean was found in a field amongst 7 other horses. When we arrived, there was no food and their water source had been turned off!

It took us over 2 hours to turn the water back on for these poor horses. Amongst their stampeding and kicking we managed to ensure that each received adequate water for a few days.

We were incredibly concerned about JB and ended up BUYING him. We discovered that he had a fractured pelvis.He is doing incredibly well for an animal you could initially not touch.
Today he walks perfectly on a lead, loves to be loved and adores his carrots.
Kia is a ODP horse saved from slaughter while she was in foul. Her baby is Mia whom lives happily on the farm. This little filly is full of spunk and spark.
Des is a ODP horse saved from slaughter while in foul. Her fouls name is Dante. She also lives on on the farm and is a gorgeous little playful filly.
Roxy is an Onderstepoort Biological Division rescue pony. Roxy is one of many ponies saved from slaughter while in foul. Her filly, Rio, lives on the farm. She is a spontaneous feisty little girl and we adore her.
Nemo was found in Hartebeesport Dam. There was absolutely no water and no food.

Nemo's rehabilitation was unbelievably fast. Today he is a gorgeous shiny healthy happy horse. He has the most beautiful personality.